Frequently Asked Questions

Have a burning question about Falkor? It’s likely you’ll find the answer here. (If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to contact us).

Is Falkor available on-premise, and on the cloud?

Yes, we offer both options. We also offer a hybrid solution, leveraging the advantages of both.

Does Falkor supply any type of data?

No, you have your own information - we simply help you to bring it into one place and then organize and enrich it. Saying that, we can also easily integrate with other services that supply additional data, so it’s the best of both worlds. 

Who is this software for? What is it used for?

Teams and organizations that do any kind of investigation will find it a game-changer.

Can I control who has viewing and editing permissions?

Yes, you can define specific access rights and permissions to cases and data.

What data can I analyze in Falkor?

This is an easy answer – any file format and whatever data it contains. In fact, Enterprise also supports databases.

What happens to the data I add to Falkor?

The data is saved safely, keeping everything you ever created in the system. Falkor is your ultimate brain – it remembers everything. And you can use all that data to help find connections, make suggestions, audit and keep everything as streamlined as possible. 

Is Falkor available to both public and private entities?

Absolutely, it’s for everyone – whether you work for a bank, the retail sector, the police…take a peek here at the different industries we help.

What types of investigations can Falkor manage?

A wide variety! It’s best that we break it down:

  • Any investigation that starts with a type of lead, a person, a group, or an event that occurred (or is likely to occur).
  • An investigation that includes any type of data collected from multiple sources, both internal and external – such as databases or the web.  
  • Investigations that need to make sense of old and new data, how data is connected, what’s normal and what are anomalies.
  • Investigations that can benefit from visualizing data – on a map, on a graph or on a timeline.
  • Investigations that require helping other people on your team, or producing reports for decision making. 
  • A broad array of different domains, such as crime-solving, AML, fraud prevention, law enforcement and court proceedings, trust and safety, situational awareness, brand protection, and more.
What data volumes does Falkor handle?

Falkor measures data volumes based on the number of entities extracted from your data. And it can support billions of entities, so the scope is huge.

Is Falkor suitable for teams that work together on an investigation?

In short: yes. Falkor was built especially for teams that work together, allowing them to collaborate seamlessly to get results quickly. Features such as ‘assigned cases’, ‘tasks’, ‘notifications’ and ‘notes’ make this collaboration easy.

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