How will you use the next-gen platform for data-driven investigations?

Running an investigation is a complex business. So we’ve brought everything analysts need to gather data, generate insights, and deliver reports – without ever leaving our platform.


Manage cases

One place to track and manage everything related to your investigation, from objectives and important files to team members assigned to the case. Head to the Case Overview to keep up with outstanding tasks and see the latest updates. 

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Analyze data

Import new data in almost any format, then dig into it. View it from every angle – on a map, in a table, across a timeline, as a heatmap, and more. Find important info faster with powerful search and filtering capabilities. Use link analysis graphs to explore connections between different entities.

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Work closely together to crack the case with powerful collaboration tools. Assign tasks, share notes and reminders, and keep team members automatically updated every time something changes.

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Report findings

Help turn insights into actions faster by generating reports rapidly. Compile all of your case’s data, notes, conclusions, files, and summaries of findings in one report. Then edit, download and share with all the relevant stakeholders with the click of a button. 

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Take control of investigations

Get a bird’s-eye view of everything that affects your work – from investigation progress to overall productivity – from your dashboard. Custom dashboards for managers and analysts help you find the information that’s relevant to your role faster. 

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Manage permissions and access rights

Assign granular permissions according to roles or specific user characteristics, ensuring each user only accesses the data they’re allowed to see.


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Scalable, adaptable, and always powerful 

Want to get up and running fast with an off-the-shelf platform? Or unleash the full power of Falkor with our custom-built Enterprise model? Choose the system you need to transform your investigations.


Simplicity. Power. Scalability.

Our off-the-shelf analyst platform is ready when you are.


Realize your full potential.

The power of Air, scaled to the max, tailored to your data and processes.

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