Financial Investigations


Effortlessly analyse data to track suspicious financial activity, and stop crime at the source. 

With illicit actors using international correspondent banking, shell companies, secrecy laws, and advanced technology – financial investigations are becoming infinitely harder. And picking out suspicious activity from a sea of financial data is a daunting task.

That’s where Falkor steps in.


How financial crime analysts use Falkor

Knowledge and case management

Cut through the noise by uploading all of your KYC, AML, and transaction information. Letting Falkor find the data points that are relevant to your investigation.

Maintain evidence and record-keeping using cutting-edge software that integrates documents and records with investigative tools.

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Automatically uncover connections between payments, companies, and people with advanced AI and data management features.

Seamlessly expose previously hidden vectors of regulatory exposure, all with an auditable and visible investigative flow for regulatory review.



Put a face to the payments by linking financial data with information on individuals’ criminal backgrounds, media usage, financial relationships, and more.

Understand the impact of your findings on your organization and ensure maximum compliance and full data visibility.

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Maximize data visibility for all of your organization’s compliance professionals, and loop in external organizations and individuals when needed. Shared and secure workspaces ensure that no data point gets lost in the noise.

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How Falkor transforms financial crime investigations

Ensure the integrity of your organization by creating strong and proactive compliance, investigation, and audit workflows.

Protect your clients and organization from threat actors that seek to exploit your organization for their own profit.

Empower your investigations by effortlessly combining KYC information, financial data, and link analysis on one platform shared across analysts and teams.

Automate and enhance your investigations with advanced analytics, external data integration, and an industry-leading link analysis suite.

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