Law Enforcement

Anticipate, prevent, and respond to threats of any kind, from anywhere, with effortless analysis of any data source.

Protecting the public means law enforcement has to be alert to any sign of an impending threat, no matter how small or obscure. That means dealing with mountains of data – which usually means overworked analysts and no easy way to see through the fog.

But not when analysts utilize Falkor.

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How law enforcement analysts use Falkor


Never let lost data, miscommunications, or unclear goals hold your investigation back. 

Setting objectives, logging case progress, breaking down data, generating reports. It all happens in Falkor.

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To crack the case, you’ll need access to a huge range of analytical approaches – and be able to follow every lead quickly and confidently. 

Explore connections between suspects and people of interest, chase leads, and analyze data from every angle in a purpose-built environment.

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Siloed working helps criminals evade your team. Today’s law enforcement professionals must be ready to work across jurisdictions, teams, and agencies – anything necessary to uncover and address crime. 

Easily share up-to-date data, updates, and insights within your team and with other law enforcement agencies.

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How Falkor can enhance your investigations

Navigate to the most important insights faster with customizable dashboards.

Use every data source at your disposal with a tool that can integrate any data you throw at it.

Understand more deeply by combining highly sophisticated AI innovation with human experience and intuition.

Plan your response by using AI and machine learning to discover opportunities for intervention and predict how they will impact the public.

Collaborate securely with iron-clad permission-based access for team members and external agencies.

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