The modern world needs a fresh approach. So we’ve developed a solution that’s tailor-made for today’s analysts, whatever the sector. Best of all, it’s designed to seamlessly integrate with the technology you’re already using.

We supercharge the entire investigation process by connecting teams and empowering the use of specialized data-collecting systems, through the Falkor platform.

Mission Transparent

Law enforcement

Anticipate, prevent, and respond to threats of any kind, from anywhere, with effortless analysis of any data source. 

Public Safety (1)

Trust & safety

Create a trust and safety initiative for your investigations, with content moderation that protects your users – and your brand.

Trust & Safety

Financial investigations

Follow the thread of transactions across borders, platforms, accounts and individuals – all while staying in one simple environment.


Cyber Threat Intelligence

Stay vigilant, react fast, and anticipate everything with your entire cyber intelligence workflow on one platform.

Cyber Threat Intelligence