Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Last Updated On: February 02, 2023

1. General

This document (the “Service Level Agreement” or the “SLA”) provides and defines the agreements between Falkor and the Customer as to what constitutes acceptable service in quantifiable and measurable terms.  This SLA documents the mutually agreed upon service objectives, and how those objectives will be measured.

The intent of this Service Level Agreement is to ensure the proper understanding and commitments are in place for effective support, measurement, and resource planning in the provision of the Falkor Support Center service.


2. Definitions

Below are the definitions of various terms used throughout this document.  Capitalized terms used herein without definition shall have the meaning ascribed to them in Falkor ’s Terms of Use, which are incorporated herein by reference together with all other agreements governing the use of the Falkor Solution entered by and between the Customer and Falkor (collectively referred to herein as the “Agreement”).



The buyer of the System according to the Agreement, associated with this document.

End User

The person that shall be licensed to use the System operationally for its own use.


Any hardware provided by Falkor as per the associated Agreement.

Response Time

Measured from the time the End User initially contacts the Support Center until Falkor Support Engineer responds to the End User's problem.


End User premises where the System is installed.

Support Center

Falkor Support Center is the first point-of-contact for End Users to resolve System Problems and can be contacted through a dedicated support platform or Falkor support email.

Support Engineer

Certified Falkor personnel that is trained, knowledgeable, and technically capable of analyzing, diagnosing, and supporting the System.


Any software provided by Falkor as per the associated Agreement.

System Problems

Circumstances in which an End User encounters that inhibits the End User from utilizing the System in a normal functional mode.




2.1 Problem Severity Level Definition




(Severity 1)

Total failure in which the System is completely inaccessible.

(Severity 2)

One or more key features of the System are unusable, or System performance is significantly reduced.

(Severity 3)

Can either be:

1. Any other System Problem that is not defined as Critical or Major.

2. General product questions, enhancement requests or any other questions and requests regarding System usage and functionality.



*Any Hardware issues will be handled and classified according to manufacturer’s warranty policy.


3. Scope of Services


3.1 Falkor Support Center


Falkor Support Center is the first point-of-contact for End Users to resolve System Problems. The Support Center team assists with troubleshooting and resolving related technical issues, and in the event of Hardware problems – contacts and facilitates manufacturer’s support.

Falkor Support Center can be contacted on the dedicated platform incorporated within the System, or at the Support Center email address (specified in section 4.1 below) and /or any other means of communication provided by Falkor to the End User.

System Problems reported by End User to the Support Center are recorded in a computerized, internal management system. During an End User’s initial contact with the Support Center, the Support Engineer handling the service request together with the End User shall determine the severity of the System Problem (with the ultimate determination to be made at Falkor’s discretion).

The Support Center team manages and follows up on the resolution of all recorded faults and System Problems. Falkor Support Center manages communication and exchange of information, in accordance with Falkor ‘s strict security standards.


3.2 System Maintenance


In the event of a System Problem requiring a software repair, Falkor will provide a software fix that can be integrated into the System. Software fixes are generally provided by secured remote connection. In addition, on a regular basis, Falkor develops fixes for System Problems. These are incorporated into System updates that are periodically distributed.

These System updates do not include new features or functionality in new software versions, such as major software releases. Provision of System updates and software fixes shall not be conditioned upon the purchase of additional functionality.

In cases of on-premises deployment and/or provision of any Hardware by Falkor (as part of the Agreement with the Customer), the Hardware shall be provided with a warranty guaranteed by the Hardware manufacturer. Falkor undertakes to contact the Hardware manufacturer and enforce the repair the hardware components by it in case of failure, according to the Hardware manufacturer’s warranty policy.


3.3 Customer Responsibilities


Support Contacts

Customer will provide Falkor with a list of designated contacts, which shall be available as escalation points for issues pertaining to the System.



Customer will: (a) provide a mechanism for Customer employees to access the internet securely; (b) provide Falkor data source files access /examples in occasions such data sources required to provide as part of Falkor service; and (c) provide all Software support and IT services not explicitly purchased from Falkor under the associated Agreement.


Correction of Root Cause Issues

If recurring issues are found to have a root cause within the Customer’s control, Customer shall have exclusive liability and responsibility to correct the root cause, and for any damages caused directly or indirectly by such root cause.


4. Support Plan Specifications


The Support Center will be available during normal business hours, from Falkor’ s various support locations. A designated email and/or phone number will be provided for emergencies occurring after normal business hours.

Falkor is pleased to offer the End User its support services according to the following specifications:





Support Availability

6 days a week (Sunday to Friday) *, as follows:


Central European Time (CET)

Eastern Standard Time (EST)


09:00 – 18:00


Monday to Thursday

09:00 – 18:00

09:00 – 18:00



09:00 – 18:00

Response Time


Response Time






Up to two (2) business hours*

Up-to one (1) business day

Up-to two (2) business days

Falkor Support Email



*On Saturdays: Falkor will provide support services only for Critical matters with response time of up to five (5) hours.


5. Changes to this SLA

Falkor may modify this Service Level Agreement at any time, provided that if Falkor makes any changes that materially adversely decrease the level of service, then it shall notify Customer by posting an announcement on its website ,via the Services and/or by sending Customer an email.