Enrich Your Data

Integrations with the most valuable sources are easy with Falkor. Take advantage of investigation management combined with OSINT by seamlessly connecting with diverse APIs.

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Enrich Your Data

1. Social media accounts, connections, posts, and presence across platforms, including Telegram groups, providing a holistic view of online activity.

2. Data breaches and dark web activities, ensuring proactive threat detection and safeguarding against potential risks.

3. Collect information on domains and IP addresses, unraveling critical information on ownership, origin, and potential risks.

4. Receive thorough analyses for individuals, companies, and online entities, empowering informed decision-making through a centralized and versatile information hub.


Streamlined Workflow

1. Begin by adding your API token in the admin tools to activate the integration seamlessly.

2. Once configured, the sources are instantly available for you and your team, streamlining data access.

3. Conduct searches or enrich relevant entities—try a phone number with Epieos for associated online accounts or explore a Twitter account and its followers with Vetric.

4. Leverage the integrated data for a more detailed analysis, enhancing the depth and accuracy of your case.

5. Enhance productivity with our browser extension, enabling real-time data retrieval while surfing the web.


Highlighted Features

See Falkor's new capabilities in a brief video showcasing the power of our OSINT features, seamless API integrations, and collaborative enhancements.

Expand your analysis with Falkor