Datawalk vs. Falkor: Which Is Right for Your Organization?

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Running modern investigations efficiently and effectively is challenging for everyone involved. Investigation teams are required to deal with more data, work with increased regulatory oversight, and have greater expertise across a wider range of disciplines than ever before.

But alongside the challenges for analysts, investigators, and other stakeholders, there is now a wide selection of digital tools to assist with the investigation process. Specialized software can be a powerful tool for analysts, helping them to streamline workflows, automate and visualize complex analysis, collaborate more easily, communicate findings more effectively, and more.

Two popular investigation tools are Falkor and Datawalk. Here, we take a look at both, break down and compare some of the key features of each platform, and help you decide which could be the best fit for your organization. 


What is investigation software?

Investigation software refers to any digital platform that acts as a tool to assist investigative teams in their work. The platforms vary in function and complexity, but they generally focus on improving workflow efficiency by simplifying the storage and presentation of information, finding/visualizing links, and improving collaboration.

Early forms of investigation tools were very basic, but some modern tools are capable of producing complex visualizations, automatically finding connections, and even carrying out AI-based analysis of data.

These more advanced platforms have now been adopted by a wide range of organizations that carry out investigations as part of their operations. Law enforcement and intelligence agencies make up many of these clients, but an increasing number of other organizations are also utilizing the platforms for their own investigations. These include those conducting financial investigations (such as internal fraud units in banks), trust and safety teams, and more.

Key features of Datawalk

Datawalk is an efficiency-boosting data organization and analysis tool, enabling users to make sense of vast amounts of data more easily.

Datawalk offers: 

  • A single integrated platform that combines several features used by investigators
  • Visual link analysis to help analysts understand data
  • No-code querying so users don’t need extensive training to gain insights
  • Support for AI and machine learning integrations, helping to get deeper insights into complex data
  • Cloud-based for rapid deployment and updates
  • Cheaper than many alternatives including Palantir and i2
  • Secure collaboration support enabling a variety of users to work together on projects

Scalable for vast amounts of complex data

Key features of Falkor

Because it’s designed specifically for investigations, Falkor offers a number of features that go above and beyond those included with Datawalk: 


  • Productivity enhancements to improve workflows and overall investigation efficiency
  • Visual link analysis and link mapping to help users see more clearly how different aspects of the data overlap and interact.
  • Advanced, highly intuitive graphical representations of complex data, helping to identify important info/trends more easily and communicate findings more effectively. This includes graphs, heatmaps, timelines, link maps, and more.
  • Extensive customizability via API integrations
  • Optimized to support data collection via API integrations and a browser extension
  • Secure collaboration tools, with individual permissions for all stakeholders to enable smoother, more secure collaboration
  • Automated reporting tools that save time and make it easier to communicate findings to stakeholders concisely and professionally
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  • Simple, easily navigable design and interface so users require little to no training to start benefiting from every feature
  • Entity enrichment allows users to gather data related to entities from external sources
  • Different price points to match the needs and budget of your organization. Falkor is more cost-effective than many other alternatives like Palantir or i2 and makes better investigations more accessible to everyone.
  • Scalable infrastructure allows users to analyze and investigate vast amounts of data according to their needs.
  • A cloud-based off-the-shelf system - Falkor allows rapid implementation and scaling across teams.
  • An online training academy for your team to take full advantage of the system

Why choose Falkor?

Sharing several similar features, both Datawalk and Falkor can be useful tools for investigative teams. However, only Falkor offers a light-weight, affordable, intuitive and adaptable turnkey investigative platform suitable for investigations of all kinds. Falkor’s offering is easily accessible via a secure, browser-based web app that promotes investigative, cross-sector collaboration.

In addition, Falkor offers extensive customizability via a range of API integrations, and different price points to match the precise needs and budget of your organization. This combination makes Falkor an incredibly powerful all-in-one solution for all investigation teams.

Law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and private businesses across a variety of industries are already using Falkor to run their investigations more effectively.

Falkor supports investigations from the initial stages right through to reporting and completion, saving you time, minimizing training requirements, and improving outcomes. Case closed.

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