Does your organization need investigation software?

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Specialized software platforms can improve investigation workflows and outcomes. Find out if your organization could benefit from using an investigation tool.

Investigation management platforms can be powerful tools in any investigation, helping organizations to improve workflow efficiency, reach outcomes faster, and collaborate more easily and securely.

Many modern platforms are now being used by the public and private sectors to support the investigation process. With the integration of AI analytics and data fusion, these platforms are more powerful than ever and can actively enhance the capabilities of teams to collect, manage, and analyze information.

If your work involves the analysis and reporting of data, it’s likely that investigation software can help you. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of investigation management platforms and how they could help your teams work more effectively.


What is investigation software?

Investigation platforms vary in function and complexity, but as a general rule, they improve workflow efficiency by simplifying how teams collaborate, store and present information, and find and visualize links.

Early forms of investigation tools were relatively basic, simply acting as a central platform to organize and share information. However, their capabilities have developed significantly in recent years, with a range of transformative features now available. For example, some platforms can automatically produce advanced visualizations, build complex link maps, and use AI to analyze large quantities of data from varied sources.


Who uses investigation software?

Investigation software platforms are already utilized globally in both the public and private sectors. 

In the public sector, law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies (including those involved in OSINT, SIGINT, cyber threat intelligence, and counterterrorism), and a range of other organizations all regularly use such tools.

In the private sector, investigation software is used by organizations that regularly analyze data, run targeted investigations, or conduct extensive research. This commonly includes banks and other businesses involved in financial investigations as well as insurers and HR departments.

In short, investigation platforms are extremely versatile, meaning they can be beneficial for a wide range of organizations. Any organization or team involved in researching, collecting, and analyzing information from a range of sources – as well as reporting findings –  can feasibly benefit from using a digital investigation tool.

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Benefits of using investigation software

Digital investigation tools can support investigative teams and enhance their capabilities in multiple ways.

The main benefits are centered around simplifying that which is usually complex. Investigations typically involve large amounts of data taken from disparate sources, and it can be a huge challenge just to manage the information, let alone find connections, collaborate with other stakeholders, analyze the facts, and report the findings. Specialized software can help you to achieve:

  • Improved data analysis – Automated AI-powered analysis can help to speed up insights and advanced data visualizations can improve understanding of large amounts of information to identify connections and make breakthroughs.
  • Simpler and more secure collaboration – The best platforms are built for faster, more intuitive, and safer collaboration. They may include customizable access privileges for different users and the ability to make all activities traceable.
  • More efficient case management – Good platforms provide a simple infrastructure to keep all cases in one place. Within a given investigation, your teams will be able to keep all data organized in an intuitive, easily navigable, and secure system that requires minimal training.

  • Faster and more professional reporting – Integrated reporting tools can make it significantly easier to produce concise, professional reports, saving time for analysts and helping them to communicate findings more effectively.


Not all platforms have these features, so it’s important to do your research and invest in the right software for your organization.


Choosing the right software

When implementing a digital investigation tool, the key challenge is choosing a platform that’s matched to your needs – one that will improve outcomes and provide an excellent return on investment.

Falkor is a transformative investigation tool combining powerful analytics with advanced visualizations and smart collaboration, all with a highly intuitive design and interface.

Falkor ensures investigations run more efficiently while also improving security and transparency and reducing the resources needed to complete successful, productive investigations. It’s easily tailored to your organization’s analytical, infrastructure and data needs, as well as your budget – just choose between our ‘Air’ or ‘Enterprise’ models. 

Already used by governments, law enforcement agencies, and private businesses globally, Falkor speeds up investigations and improves outcomes.


Falkor: Versatile, transformative, and cost-effective

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