Falkor vs Maltego: Efficient data-driven investigations

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Analysts have relied on Maltego for years. But is it really giving them everything they need?

Maltego’s great at API integrations and data collection. But sometimes it needs a bit of support to get you the insights you need without leaving you drowning in data, lacking the flexibility or functionality you need to create a clear path.

Maltego suffers from:

  • Information overload – it’s easy to get information from the APIs, but not all of the data is relevant
  • Limited filtering makes it hard to sort and analyze information
  • Data isn’t organized in cases and isn’t consistent across the system – it’s just a one-time query
  • Link analysis can be unintuitive and offers limited insight

Falkor is a game-changing, next-gen platform designed specifically for data-driven investigations. Say goodbye to information overload, limited filtering options, and disorganized data. With Falkor, you can effortlessly navigate through your investigations, harnessing its superior capabilities.

What's more, if you're already leveraging Maltego, integrating it seamlessly with Falkor is a breeze. Our custom integrations and smart data collection ensure you only focus on what truly matters in your investigation.

We’ve chosen the features carefully:

  • A comprehensive database that helps you find what you need fast
  • A multitude of ways to analyze the data – link analysis, but also map views, timelines, individual entity profiles, and more
  • Modern cloud and on-prem deployments
  • Collaborative features that make sharing insights and staying up to date simple
  • …and compartmentalization features that make sure sensitive data is only accessible by the right people at the right time

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